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QuickBooks POS Software

QuickBooks POS Desktop is an easy way to ring up sales, accept credit cards, manage inventory and track customers.

QuickBooks POS Desktop Features

QuickBooks POS Desktop software is your one-stop way to ring sales, accept credit cards, manage vendors and inventory, and build customer relationships.

  • Fully featured Desktop Point of Sale System
  • Handles sales, inventory and customer tracking
  • 10x faster startup & faster workflows than previous version
  • Saves time with multi-tasking, sorting, and shortcuts
  • Seamless credit card processing with QuickBooks Payments
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Desktop
  • Scalable to handle large, multi-location retailers

Web Development

We know exactly what you are thinking, web development is an awful broad term to use to describe some of the work we do and some of the services we offer. However, we are a company that is the jack of all trades when it comes to web design and development. Web development can refer to the creation of a simple static page of plain text or it can refer to a complex web based application, e-business, or social networking. Web design, website content development, client/server-side scripting, web servers, and e-commerce development are just a few of the tasks that our team of the professionals can help you accomplish.

BUSY Enterprise Solution

Although most of the requirements of a business organisation are met by using the standard BUSY software, some organisations do have certain specific requirements that are not available in standard BUSY. For such organisations, BusyWin (Windows-based BUSY) offers the possibility of customization. The customization could be in terms of:

  • Generation of some Organisation-specific Report / MIS
  • Generation of Organisation-specific Data Entry Screens

Such a solution, consisted of a standard BusyWin coupled with the customised software developed as per the requirement of the organisation, is termed as BUSY Enterprise Solution.

To understand the concept of the same, we will first have to understand the architecture of BusyWin.

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